About Us

The Heart of PodunkAnnies

PodunkAnnies was established in 2023 in Hot Springs, AR, by husband and wife John and Krista Creel, after relocating from Tennessee. They wanted to create a place that people could come for unique products with a southern flare made by talented artists and makers.

After the sudden death of their 21-year-old daughter, Annabelle, in 2023, they added Annie to the name it was going to originally be, Podunks. And with more determination than ever to make the store a reality, they created it in her memory as PodunkAnnies with a cool country vibe and handmade products she would've loved.

A picture of Annabelle hangs behind the counter, so she can see all who visit. All who sing and dance to the classic country music playing in the background. All who laugh at the merchandise bought with the purpose to bring a smile. All who travel to Hot Springs and share the stories of their adventures - like the ones she always wanted to have.

It is with that love and more that we welcome ALL to PodunkAnnies.